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I am passionate about my involvement in the private money equity space. Previously, over an 18 year period, I held the position of President of one of the largest interior and exterior maintenance companies in the central valley employing over 400 individuals. Sold in 2006 to a private equity firm from New York, I now devote my full time energies to my passion, of private money lending.

Today I preside over 3 separate entities, as outlined below, all involved in the private equity space. We are a licensed lender, not a broker, hence we have our personal funds invested in the very space our investors consider. This is a rare difference in the ZINC brand. To date, ZINC has originated hundreds of millions of dollars in private money loans, with a loss ratio of less than ¼%. We oversee millions of dollars of private equity loans every day, and fund millions on a monthly basis.

All Loans originated by ZINC are secured by a 1st position lien against the underlying collateral. Typically, ZINC focuses on secure tranches of lending just outside the bank space. All of our borrowers, whether it be real estate or auto are required to participate financially in the transaction with hard cash, creating a real alignment of interest in the transaction.

ZINC Financial, Inc - Private Money Lending

ZINC Financial, Inc. - Originates private money business purpose loans to individuals in the rehab and resale business. With several hundred million dollars in loans and a loss ratio of less than 1/4%, this area of lending continues to scale in growth. Click here to visit the ZINC Financial website

ZINC Investing, Inc.

ZINC Investing - Our portal for both current and potential investors allows individuals to acquire information about investment opportunities, review their personal portfolios online, register for upcoming opportunities and join our newsletter amongst other great informational topics. We have invested hundreds of millions of dollars of privately acquired capital without ever losing a single penny in principal. We invite current and prospective investors to our site to review ZINC in depth and learn about out private money deployment objectives. Click here to visit the ZINC Investing website

ZINC Realty, Inc - Private Equity Purchases, Rehabs and Resells

ZINC Realty, Inc. - Our in house private equity division, partners with entrepreneurs who purchase, rehab & resell rehabbed properties. Our partnership properties often have waiting lists, and we are considered one of the premier rehabbers in Central California. This division is different as a loan is not involved, rather ZINC contributes 100% of necessary funds for acquisition and rehab in exchange for a percentage of profits. Click here to visit the ZINC Realty website

ZINC Auto Finance, Inc - Private Lender that purchases RISC contracts

ZINC Auto Finance, Inc. - A private equity indirect lender that purchases R.I.S.C. (Retail Installment Sales Contracts) from independent & franchised car dealers throughout California. We focus on trade line history & invisible credit spectrums rather than FICO, allowing us to acquire performing receivable contracts with up to 23% APR while maintaining critical underwriting criteria. Backed by an $8 billion dollar credit facility, ZINC’s growth in this arena continues at a swift pace. Click here to visit the ZINC Auto Finance website



Inception - Solution One, Inc.

Solution One, Inc.
Inception - 2006

One of the largest interior and exterior Janitorial, Commercial Maintenance and Sweeping companies in Central California employing over 400 people. Company sold 2006 to private quity firm.

Pigott Enterprises

Pigott Enterprises, Inc.
Inception - 2006

Commercial Real Estate investments and private equity financing for various Real Estate ventures including acquisition, rehab and resell in Central California.

ZINC Investing, Inc.

ZINC Financial, Inc.
2006 - Current

Private Equity Financing for Investor Rehab lending for real estate throughout California, Arizona and Nevada. Originated in hundreds of millions of dollars in Investor Rehab loans with yields between 11-13% and a charge off rate less than ¼%

ZINC Realty, Inc - Private Equity Purchases, Rehabs and Resells

ZINC Realty, Inc.
2008 - Current

Private Equity Investment in Distressed Assets. Purchased, rehabbed and resold between 20 & 45 mil in in real estate, while realizing annualized returns in excess of 30.0%, with less than ¼% charge off's or losses.

ZINC Auto Finance, Inc - Private Lender that purchases RISC contracts

ZINC Auto Finance, Inc.
2010 - Current

Private Equity financing as an indirect lender for independent & franchised Car Dealerships throughout California, Texas & Michigan. With millions deployed and backing by a 8.0 billion credit facility, this division continues to scale at a controlled pace. No investor has even lost a penny in this division and often enjoy return in the 8-11% range on a monthly basis.


Todd Pigott has been featured on local news programs discussing local distressed real estate, has been secured as a speaker for CMA, California’s largest organization for private money lenders, has been a guest speaker at mortgage schools on the topic of profiting on distressed assets, and has been a featured guest on the national TV news program, "Moving America Forward" hosted by William Shatner.


  • California Real Estate Broker: #1742641
  • California State Contractor: #714700
  • California Finance Lender: #607-3431
  • National Mortgage Lic Service: #281341
  • Nevada Wholesale Lender #: 645B and 645E
  • Arizona Wholesale Lender #: Wholesale Lender


  • APPL-American Association of Private Lenders, founding member
  • CMA-California Mortgage Association
  • IADAC-Independent Auto Dealers Association


  • Swimming and Water polo in High school and college
  • All League in water polo; coached 7 years Clovis Unified School District
  • Coached two Jr. Olympic water polo teams; developed 1st elementary summer water polo program
  • Snow and water skiing
  • Mountain biking and Road biking
  • Avid white water rafter
  • Boating
  • Scuba Diving
  • Family activities
  • Beach


Todd and Elizabeth Pigott Sponsor C.A.S.A's annual Casino Night at their home, raising thousands of dollars for parentless children in the Central Valley.

Todd and Elizabeth Pigott Sponsor Clovis Unified Elementary Family Fun night, CASA Charity, and Boys and Girls Clubs at their home, raising thousands of dollars for charitable and school athletic programs.

Marital Status

Married with 3 children 17, 15 and 12